Inspiration part 1

I am an introvert and as a little girl I could spend hours by myself in my bedroom and in our attic. That sounds really sad, but rest assured that those hours were very well spent because i had a very big imagination and could get swept away by my own fantasies.

I was especially intrigued with the old photo’s of my parents from when they were young. At that age your parents are, you know, your parents. You don’t see them as a ‘real’ person who had a previous life before they had you. But those photo’s prove that they had a life before you.

The pictures show a period in the 60-ties and 70-ties. That’s when they met. My mom in miniskirts and kitten heels. My dad in suits and ties; mad men style. Talk about stylish! They had a VW bug car and went on road trips with friends. My dad playing the guitar and singing and my mom sitting next to him with a big smile. Once they were young and carefree.

When I look at those pictures I kind of wish I was there with them. So I could get to know them on another level. I get curious. If only there was a time portal or some sort.

If I had a portal and I had to choose one moment in their life that I could visit, I would let it take me to their wedding day. My dad in a tuxedo and my mom in her wedding dress Philipino style. (she is from the Philippines) They look so radiant together.

I can keep on staring at my mom in this picture. She looks so beautiful with her make up and her wedding dress. But what grabbed my attention was her headpiece and veil. Nothing I had seen before in my life. All that grandeur and poof! She totally rocked it! It was a total bummer to hear that when I got older she did not possess the headpiece anymore. She gave her dress and headpiece with matching veil away to a friend who went to get married and was in need of a dress and headpiece. My mother is of a very giving nature.

Fortunately she kept her wedding bouquet. It is made out of the same material as her bridal headpiece. I now have it as she gave it to me.

Bridal headpieces and wedding dresses, not only from the decades of when my parents were young, but also from other by gone era’s to me are so exciting and give me inspiration for my designs. I try to translate that kind of legacy into modern pieces. The bouquet of my mom is perfect for that and one day there will be a piece in the collection inspired by it. Maybe as a headpiece, maybe in another form of adornment. Who’s to tell.

I let magic happen as it comes.

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