How we think

We design and create for the woman who has a clear vision of herself and how she wants to look on her special day. Elysian wants to complete that vision. We want her to feel like her most elevated self.

We feel that every woman holds a little bohemian, vintage, modern, clean and fresh vibe. We understand that she is many things. She is not one dimensional, but she has layers and depth. She is all that and more. Elysian complements this vibe that is laidback and with effortless elegance.

Inspired by music, by-gone era’s, art and fashion we feel that this inspiration brings our pieces to life and what makes them unique and authentic.

All our accessories are handmade with craftsmanship like in the old artisan days and only with quality materials.

Everything is made with attention to detail and we put a lot of tender, love and care in them. We believe every bride is entitled to have this on her special day. And we hope that the same TLC will shine through the moment she puts on her accessory and walks down the aisle to the love of her life. We would be very honored and proud if we would have a little part in that magical moment.